Technical communication results in win-win opportunities

Notwithstanding the undeniable advantages of modern internet communication, the browser cannot supersede the printed word when it comes to sophisticated products requiring in-depth explanation. Usually, search engines find only such information that has already been categorized by well-defined keywords. Even then, the information you're looking for might be literally drowned in a tsunami of useless junk. In the case of new, little-known technologies or when you need differentiated analyses of pros and cons, the printed word simply cannot be replaced. A well-written report is something that is authentic. It can be set aside or filed away in order to be retrieved and studied in detail at a more suitable moment.

Small to mid-sized enterprises are often a remarkable source of innovations. But most of these companies lack the resources to sufficiently attract the interest of the decision-makers in of prospective customers.

Being a freelance journalist with a well-established international network of contacts to leading print media in a number of languages puts me in a position where I can act as opportunity manager for such customers and other partners. I interconnect companies, institutions and associations with carefully selected publications offering them an optimized level of attention in the relevant target audience. In this environment solidly researched and easy-to-read technical articles offer an excellent opportunity to convince potential customers.

On the other hand, this is also interesting for editors. They are offered highly interesting articles that alleviate their workload and contribute to enhancing their publications both topically and optically. And they get in touch with new potential buyers of advertising space.