Fascination for technology

In order to convince other people of the advantages of a newly developed technology, a clear understanding of the material is indispensable. I am an engineer specialising in the field of metal-producing and metal-working technologies and have acquired ample professional experience in a range of metal-working and computer/ electronics sectors. This background enables me to quickly understand new developments and to describe them correctly. Furthermore, having borne full responsibility for results and profits for many years, I have a good understanding of what the readers of my reports think and what they are interested in. This helps me in writing articles “from a professional for professionals”, focussing exactly on the aspects that will interest the practitioner and in presenting them in a compact, well-illustrated format.

Journalism by vocation

  My career as a journalist started rather by coincidence: in 1994 – at the time I was working as a sales engineer for a machine builder – I was invited to take over responsibility as managing editor of the engineering and scientific journals of the German Foundrymen's Association. Three and a half years later I decided to set myself up as freelance journalist and founded my own editorial office. Since then I have published more than 1,500 technical articles in around 100 leading engineering magazines. Although my focus is on German-language publications in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, I also write for journals in Great Britain, the United States and France.

Coil of freshly galvanized steel sheet
Paint sprayer in the automotive industry
Beads made from recycled zinc
Container lift truck in a port